Russia is a fantastic country that stands out with the variety of culture and enormous landscape it posses. This is a unique destination that many would love to visit when they consider the variety of flora, historical treasures and great fauna. Many people, however, consider Russia an inaccessible and a far country which is far from the truth.

Without a doubt, one needs to prepare for a trip to Russia well by gathering important documents and observing some administrative protocols.

Citizens of many countries need to obtain a Russian visa for the trip and the process is not usually straightforward one. With all the right documents, however, you will have a smooth sail to Russia.

In applying for a Russian visa, one of the most vital documents is the Russian invitation letter also called tourist voucher or visa support.

A Russian invitation letter is an official document that reveals that the holder can apply for a Russian visa for tourism, visit to relatives or business. This is an important document which is primal to the success of your application for Russia tourist or Business visa.

Russian letter of invitation exist in two main forms depending on the purpose of your trip to Russia. We have

  1. Russian Tourist visa invitation letter: A person that wants to visit Russia for various purpose as tourism, leisure, etc. the visa allows for a double or single entry and the maximum stay is 30 days.
  2. Russian Business visa Invitation Letter: A person that wants to travel to Russia for private business or official duties like conference or meetings. The visa can be single, multiple or double entry, and are valid for up to 12 months.

Applicants need to be aware that getting a Russian invitation letter is a tedious process and it can span up to three months. When you consider the bureaucracy involved as well, it could be a discouraging endeavor. As a result, a good idea is to reach out to as we can help to facilitate the process. Hence, this article will explain everything you need to do in getting a Russian visa invitation letter.

Need for Russia Visa Invitation Letter

A Russia invitation letter is also called a visa support. It is one of the most important documents primal to the success of your visa application. Foreign tourists need this to complete their visa application process.

The document serves as a confirmation that the person has been invited to Russia by a friend or a firm that is registered locally in the country. The invitation letter is primal to the success of your visa application. As a result, one needs to get this document before the visa application.

Russia Private Invitation Letter

The idea behind the Russia private invitation letter is to document that someone that has a relative or friend in Russia can obtain to visit Russia. This is a pretty difficult document to obtain because the Russian friend or relative must be a Russian citizen or a foreign national with permanent residence permit who must go to the Migration police (local department) to fill a form which will be signed and stamped by the authorized person.

Application for a Russia Private Invitation Letter

The person inviting you to Russia (your friend or relative) must carry out the following steps.

  1. The application will be filled online with information on the applicant and invited person submitted.
  2. On receipt of the application for Russia visa invitation letter, the team will process and forward the request to the Federal Migration Service. All the information supplied will be verified and a decision reached on the application.

The application will be made personally by the inviting party or the legal

Requirements for Russia Visa Invitation Letter

If you are interested in working with to work out your visa invitation, here are some important information that can help fast track the process.

Passport: Your application for Russian invitation letter cannot be complete without a passport. Also, it must have at least six months validity from the date you arrive in Russia. As a result, be sure you are aware of the expiry date before application.

Information on Accommodation: You need to present proof of a place to stay when you get to Russia. This does not mandate you to book a hotel before application although you need details of the accommodation

Exact Travel Dates: You need to supply the exact travel dates for your arrival and departure in Russia. If you do not know these dates yet, you can give the closest estimation you can think of. Also, it is not necessary to book a hotel before the trip.

Your E-mail address: You will get your Russian invitation letter in PDF format via your mail. Applicants will print this out and forward to the consulate

Tourist Invitation Letter

This is a document that is primal to your Russian tourist visa application. It is also known as tourist voucher and it reveals that the Russia travel agency that has a registration with the Uniform Federal Register of Tour Operations will receive you. Also, there is a tour for your trip alongside accommodations.

You need this document to apply for a tourist visa.

One needs to be aware that a Russia hotel reservation alone cannot help you obtain a Russian visa. This Russia invitation letter must be submitted in high quality letter with two parts – the exact confirmation and the voucher for Russian tourist. Make sure to check for the following information that should be available in English and Russia:

  • Confirmation number (Invitation number for your Russia visa usually imprinted on the top of your document)
  • Tourist Passport data
  • Reason for the trip
  • Accommodations booked (hotel)
  • Date for the trip
  • Data of the Russian travel agency including their full name, contact and reference number
  • Attestation of the CEO

Business Invitation Letter

For people that wants to enter Russia for business purpose like attending business fairs and events, negotiating and a visit to the partner, one needs a business visa. There are various forms of Russia visa invitation letter for business.

There are simple written statements that one can get from the inviting company in Russia. This is pretty easy and the fastest which is meant for citizens of the USA and EU countries made as a result of the agreement to simplify Visa formalities. The letter will be printed on a Russia letterhead of the inviting form alongside a seal and other attestation of the CEO.

American citizens can get this Russian invitation letter which gives them a 3 year business visa that comes with multiple entry option

EU citizens can get either 1-3 months that comes with double or single entry or a multiple entry type of 1-5 years.

It is important that the Russian invitation letter contains essential details like:

  • Name of the inviting firm alongside their contacts
  • Their Tax identification Number
  • The invited party’s passport Data
  • Projected date of travel
  • Purpose of the trip
  • City of stay
  • Designation of the invited party
  • Employer’s address
  • What is expected of the inviting firm and the invited party

For people that wants to go to Russia for business but could not get the business invitation letter from the company, there is no need to panic. You can get in touch with Visa Express and they will help you with one.

Private Invitation

For people going to Russia to visit families and friends, there is a need to obtain an official private Russia invitation letter. Here are some documents that the Russian host needs to include with the application:

  • A petition presented in the form specified
  • The Russian host’s passport
  • A copy of the invited party’s passport
  • The inviting party’s letter of accommodation and medical certification presented in the specified form
  • A financial proof from the host that they can support the guest for the duration and trip.

The processing period for a private Russia invitation letter is a maximum of 20 working days.

Should your trip to Russia be with a Russian relative, the documents mentioned above is not necessary. However, you will need to write a statement to the Council of Russia in a foreign state alongside any document to prove family relationship.

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