No matter the intent or purpose you will be travelling to Russia, you will need a visa. Thus, knowing the cost of your visa for Russia is essential as Russian visa cost varies from one type of visa to another. The most common types are: Tourist, Student, Work and Business Visa.

The cost of travelling to Russia is dependent on various factors, such as:

  • The purpose of your travel: The major factor that influences your visa cost is your purpose for travel. This will also influence the type of visa that will be issued. For example, if your intent is for a business-related function, a business visa will be issued, if it is for tourism purpose, a tourist visa will be issued, while for student and working purposes, a student visa and work visa will be issued respectively.

However, before a visa can be issued, Visa support or an invitation must have been sent. Authorised agencies such as travel agencies or hotels may or may not charge a fee. You should also factor the probability of this occurring into the cost. You should note that when a Russian business invitation letter is issued, only a Russian business visa will be issued and you shouldn’t expect a Russian tourist visa when a business invitation letter was issued. Thus, the invitation letter issued will always and must correspond to the visa. Therefore, be sure to give the exact details of what you want, to authorized agency during your Russian visa application.

  • Urgency: The urgency of the visa can also result in an additional visa cost. For individuals who need urgent visas for emergency treatment, it could take 3-5 days for it to be processed. The process is majorly influenced by the ministry of foreign affairs and the Russian migration service. For urgent visas, it is better to start your visa application processes as as soon as possible and with an authorized agency like Visa Express.
  • Citizenship: For some countries that were under the soviet union, a visa may not be required to enter into the Russian Federation. Examples are citizens of Ukraine and Moldova; however, a passport will be required. For individuals who have dual citizenship, for instance, being a Russian and a US citizen, the Russian law requires to have your Russian passport to enter and leave the country. However, citizens of other countries that need a visa for Russia for purposes such as business, will require a Russian business visa. This should be factored in when calculating the cost of a Russia visa.
  • The Russian consulate: For countries like the Bahamas, Jamaica and Somalia that do not have a Russia consulate, getting a visa might be impaired. However, e-visas can be used in such circumstances.
  • Competency of your local or intentional assistant: It is advisable to use a reliable and competent visa assistant. Any agent that should help you in processing your invitation letter and visa should be authorized by the Federal Migration service in the Russian Federation. Visa express is an international agency located in the Russian Federation that successfully helps with visa applications.


There are various kinds of visas for Russia available for travellers. The most common visas for Russia are:

  • Russian Tourist Visa
  • Russian Business Visa
  • Russian Work Visa
  • Russian Student Visa
  1. RUSSIAN TOURIST VISA: A Russian tourist visa is given to travellers who intend to stay in Russia for a short period, usually for holidays and other tourist purposes. Although it can also be issued for short business trips. This Visa is the cheapest, and most basic Russian visa available to travellers.
  2. RUSSIAN BUSINESS VISA: Russian business visa is given to travellers who intend to stay in Russia for a prolonged period usually for business. The Russian Business Visa is an upgrade of the Tourist Visa when you want to visit a country like Russia for business purposes.
  3. RUSSIAN WORK VISA: This type of visa is issued to foreigners who intend to stay in Russia for work purposes for a fixed period. It is more complex than the Business Visa, and a work permit is required before it can be obtained.
  4. RUSSIAN STUDENT VISA: This type of visa is issued to foreigners who intend to study in educational institutes in Russia. This visa indicates the possible period of study, letter of invitation from the institution and medical records for the student applying for the visa.


Visiting the Russian Federation for business purposes requires the traveler to obtain a business invitation letter. A Russian business invitation is required for obtaining a Russian Business Visa. The details of this type of invitation include:

  • This kind of Russian Visa invitation is required to obtain a Russian business visa.
  • It usually allows you to stay in the country for up to 30 to 90 days (1-3 months).
  • This kind of visa can be valid for up to 5 years.

The cost of this invitation ranges from about $70 to $200. It is important to note that a Russian invitation letter is different from a Russian business visa and a Russian invitation letter must be available prior to the processing of a Russian business visa.


Visiting the Russian Federation for tourist purposes requires the traveler(s) to obtain a tourist invitation letter. According to the Official Certification of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation:

  • In every hour, a tourist application is usually received to visit Russia.
  • This reception for application is usually within one working day.
  • The cost of a tourist invitation letter is usually at about $19 to $30.


There are two types of Russian tourist Visa, which are:

  1. Single Entry Tourist Visa.
  1. Multiple Entry Tourist Visa


  • A single-entry tourist Russian visa allows you to enter Russia only once.
  • The traveller is allowed to stay in Russia with this visa for up to one year.
  • Visa processing duration for a single entry tourist Russian visa is usually within thirty (30) working days.
  • The consulate fee is $198
  • A multiple-entry tourist Russian Visa allows you to enter Russian more than once.
  • The traveller is allowed to stay in Russia with this visa for up to a year.
  • The consulate fee is $198

A Russian business visa is also a multiple entry type of visa.

  • The time it takes to process this multiple-entry tourist visa for Russia is usually within 12 business days.
  • The consulate fee is $198 .


Travelling out of your own country to Russia requires you to visit the Russian consulate in your country to apply for a visa to Russia. The Russian consulate in your country handles all visas for Russia applications such as tourist, work, student and Russia business visa. The Russian consulate charges a fee for processing visas for Russia.

  • The Russian consulate fee for a Russian visa is usually higher for applicants from Third World Countries, and lower for applicants from most E.U and North American countries.
  • The Russian consulate fee also varies depending on the Visa class you want to obtain before you travel to Russia. The fee is higher for a Russian Business Visa and lower for a Russian Tourist Visa.
  • The Russian consulate fee also depends on the proposed length of your stay in Russia. This is indicated in your visa for Russia. This fee is also determined by currency value of that country, when converting the cost in the United States Dollars (USD) to the local currency of the traveller’s home country.
  • The Russian consulate works to ensure equality of Russian consulate fee to travellers from every country. There can also be slight discounts for travellers from certain Third World Countries. This is done to attract visitors from such countries, to have a chance of visiting Russia to experience its hospitality and beauty.
  • The Russian consulate fee also depends on the type of visa the traveller is applying for: either a Single entry tourist Russian Visa or a Multiple-entry tourist Russia visa.
  • The consulate fee for US citizen is $198. Paying any required fee to Russian consulate does not assure you of getting a visa to visit Russia.
  • Following payment of this fee, the Russian Consulate is responsible for checking the validity of the documents attached to your visa for Russia before verifying it.

Here at Visa Express, our responsibility as a travel agency involves:

  • Working with the Russian consulate in helping you get a tourist, business, work and private visa for Russia.
  • Acting as a guide to preventing any additional cost that may be incurred when going through the process of getting a tourist visa for Russia.
  • Curbing misinformation and personal errors when applying for a visa for Russia.


Before picking a travel agency to assist you in the process of obtaining a Russian visa, it is necessary to consider the following:

  • The cost of using this visa service.
  • Visa service fee for visiting friends and family in Russia is usually within the range of $89 to $330.
  • Visa service fee for Russia business visa and employment purposes in Russia is usually within the range of$89 to $330.
  • The international agencies that are employed by the agency is also a factor to be considered. The involvement of international agencies makes getting a Russian visa easier.
  • For your convenience as a traveller wishing to visit Russia, choosing the best of them all is important.


There are three main forms of travel agencies which handle travelling around the world. Some of these agencies also handle applications for Russian visas as visa service providers. The types of travel agencies are:

  1. Local Travel Agency.
  2. International Travel Agency.
  3. Intercontinental Travel Agency.
  • This travel agency operates within your country and will be unable to help you book flights to Russia.
  • They are usually the cheapest service provider when it comes to travelling as they have a broad command on air transportation within your country.
  • You need to avoid making a mistake of working with them to book flights to Russia to get cheaper services as they do not handle travels to Russia.
  • Examples include:
  1. Travel Leaders travel agency – United States of America (USA).
  2. China Tours Advisors Travel Agency –Hong Kong, China.
  3. Uni globe Travel Agency – Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • This travel agency can help you book flights to other countries outside the home country, such as Russia. These agencies are the most preferred for foreigners who intend to get a Russian business visa or work visa from countries outside Europe.
  • They might be limited to only travelling to other countries within the same continent as your home country.
  • This travel agency will be able to help you book flights to Russia from another European country, but may not be able to help you book flights to Russia from countries outside Europe.
  • The cost of working with such a travel agency to visit Russia is usually affordable. This is common when your home country is a member of the European Union (EU), as Russia maintains friendly relationships with most E.U countries.
  • Examples of this type of agencies include:
  1. Intrepid Travel Agency – USA.
  2. G-adventures Travel Agency– USA.
  3. China International Travel Service – China.
  4. Brazil Adventure International –Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • This travel agency can help you book flights to other countries, especially when the other country is on another continent. This means that they can help you travel to Russia from any country you are coming from, anywhere in the world.
  • Example includes:
  1. Visa Express.
  2. Expedia Group Travel Agency.
  3. Booking Holdings Travel Agency.
  4. American Express Global Business Travel Agency.


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