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Russia is one of the top travel destinations in the world. As a territorially biggest destination, it indeed has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism. Nature was very generous while making this part of the Earth, and the Russian nation added a lot to the beauties. That’s why you can find large metropolises with many interesting and historically important objects, places, and monuments.

Largest Cities

Moscow and Saint Petersburg are, for example, the two largest and most important cities in Russia. The first one is the capital city of the country, and it has approximately 12 million residents. Clearly, with such a large population, Moscow is one of the biggest cities in the world. Saint Petersburg is smaller than Moscow, but it is still very big, comparing many metropolises in the world. That city has approximately 5 million permanent residents, and it has been the most important Russian seaport for centuries. That’s because of the excellent geographical position on the Baltic Sea, near the borders of a number of European countries.

Moscow, as a capital city, and Saint Petersburg, as the main seaport, have been centers of many important historical events through history to the present day. All big institutions have their headquarters there, and these were the places where history was created.

These are some of the reasons why Moscow and Saint Petersburg now attract the attention of many foreign travelers. Both cities are very popular tourist destinations with millions of unique visits on a yearly basis. That’s indeed a remarkable figure, however, the popularity is normal for the places of this type.

They are composed of many important locations, and it is usually real magic to come near those places. They include, for example, Red Square, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Kremlin Palace, Bolshoi Theatre, and Lenin’s Mausoleum in Moscow as well as State Hermitage Museum, Peterhof Palace, Peter and Paul Fortress, the Church of Saviors, Palace Square, Vasilyevsky Island, and many more locations.

Moscow and Saint Petersburg also have a large number of other destinations. As the largest cities, they are home to many hotels, restaurants, parks, pubs, bars, clubs, sports objects, and other sorts of infrastructure. You can enjoy and get involved in different types of activities in these two cities. You can, for example, taste traditional Russian cuisine, explore the nightlife, or simply investigate the city by walking around. It is up to every traveler to select the most preferable activity that provides maximal pleasure during the stay.

Despite the big offer the two cities provide to potential visitors, it is still the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all traveling opportunities in this country. It indeed provides much more, and you can check some other areas as well.

Other Great Places in Russia

For example, Sochi is a very popular summer resort. It is located on the coast of the warm Black sea with a population of approximately 500,000 residents. Sochi is not as big as Moscow and Saint Petersburg, but no one should underestimate its potential. The city has cool and large beaches as well as hot and long summer seasons. It is definitely a great chance to select this city for your next vacation. There are also many hotels, restaurants, pubs, and bars where you can get an all-inclusive and wonderful service.

There are also many cold areas in Russia including those with extremely low temperatures. Such regions often hide amazing and undiscovered tourist destinations that have the potential to provide a remarkable experience to the visitors. They have, however, to be well-prepared for that kind of tourism so it might not be an ideal solution for everyone. There are many ski resorts, large mountains, and lakes on the Russian territory.

These include the Caspian sea and the Baikal lake among others. The first one is the largest freshwater resource in the entire world, while the second one holds fourth place on the list of biggest lakes. Potential tourists might choose the most appropriate location, according to their needs. Russia is open and inexpensive so you will always feel welcome there.