Expedited Passport Renewal Instructions


Passport Renewal


Expedited Passport Renewal instructions

Critical information about renew passport

Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, the processing time for passport renewal is not guaranteed.

You may renew your passport if you answer YES to to all the following questions:

  • You can submit your most recent passport; AND
  • Your current passport is not damaged or mutilated; AND
  • You were issued your most recent passport less than 15 years ago; AND
  • You were at least 16 years old when your most recent passport was issued;

If you plan to renew both your PASSPORT BOOK and PASSPORT CARD, then you must submit both the PASSPORT BOOK and PASSPORT CARD.

Step 1 Gather and Prepare Passport Application Documents

1. Completed Passport Renewal Application DS-82 form online (No handwritten form )

Please click on the link at the bottom of this section to complete, and create your passport renewal application (DS-82) online. After you fill out the form online, you will see at the bottom of the page a button that says “Create Form”, please click the “Create Form” button, and your passport application form (DS-82) will appear completed on your screen. Please note: passport agency doesn’t accept handwriting application form, all applications has to be created online only.

  • Please print one copy of the completed application form (DS-82).
  • Do not print the form on double sided pages.
  • You must sign the completed application form (DS-82).

Click here to complete and create your passport application form (DS-82) online.

2. Your most recent U.S. Passport
  • If you plan to renew both your PASSPORT BOOK and PASSPORT CARD, then you must submit both your most recent PASSPORT BOOK and PASSPORT CARD. If you lost/misplaced your passport card, then you can only renew the passport book, not the passport card.
  • Your most recent passport must have been issued less than 15 years ago.
  • Your most recent passport must have been issued when you were 16 or older.
  • Your most recent passport is not damaged.
3. Two identical passport photographs

Taken within the past 6 months, showing current appearance. Must be official passport-type only and approximately 2″ x 2″ with a clear background. The photo must be in color. Do not wear a hat, glasses or any item that covers the face. Face forward only, no side shots or profiles will be accepted. Homemade Digital Photographs are not acceptable.

Note: You may take your passport photos at Costco, Walgreens or CVS.

4. Proof of Name Change

If the name you are currently using differs from the name on your previous passport you must submit a marriage certificate, divorce decree or court order showing the change of name. The name change document must bear the official seal of the issuing authority. Uncertified copies or notarized documents can not be accepted. All documents will be returned to you with your passport.

5. Proof of Departure

Please provide one of the following items if you have one:

  • A copy of your air plane ticket or
  • A copy of your itinerary from the travel agent or airline or

If you do not have a ticket or itinerary please  click here

6. Letter of Authorization

Click here to complete and print out two copies of Authorization Letter. This letter will authorize our company to submit and obtain the passport on your behalf.

7. Processing Time & Fees

A. U.S. Government Fee For Renew Passport

Make one check or money order payable to “U.S. Department of State” (this is the government processing fee).

  • Passport Book: $208.32
  • Passport Book and Passport Card: $238.32
  • Write applicant’s full name and date of birth on the check or money order.
  • All personal checks must show a printed address.
  • Do not cross out and rewrite any information on the check.
  • Temporary or starter check is not acceptable.

B. Processing Time & Service Fee:

  • 3-5 business days processing: $499
  • 6-9 business days processing: $399
  • 10-14 business days processing: $299
  • 20 business days processing: $199
8. Order Form

Click here to completely fill-out order form. You will be asked to input your personal information, order information, and payment information. After inputting your data, click on “Submit Order” which will create your completed order form, then print it out and sign it.

Step 2 Ship Documents to Visa Express

Please place the following documents in a FedEx or UPS Express envelope.

  • Passport renewal application DSP-82
  • Your most recent passport
  • Two passport photos
  • Name change document (if necessary)
  • Proof of departure
  • Letter of authorization (two copies)
  • Order Form
  • Payment to “U.S. Dept. of State”

Ship to:

Visa Express
Attn: Passport Department
701 North Post Oak Rd
Suite 315
Houston, TX 77024