Perm lies at the junction of Kana and Yegoshikha River, and it stands out as one of the largest cities in Russia with large cultural diversities. Perm is noted for its limestone caves, wild Rivers, and rich history with its location on a hilly terrain close to the Ural Mountains. Many foreigners have Russian visa come to visit Perm each year.

River Karma runs 43 miles into the city and divides into two sections: the night bank section and the central part. Perm is a key railway junction for the Trans-Siberian Railway that has two huge railway stations: the historical Perm (one) and modern Perm (two). Perm was a vital salt mining site; hence it is not uncommon for people to hear something about mineworkers and salty ears.

History of Perm

Perm is a city located in the extreme part of Europe, which explains why it is called Eurasia. With a population of more than a million, it is one of the largest Russian Cities. It was once known as Molotov, named after the Foreign affairs minister during Joseph Stalin’s reign.

The city stretches 65 km along the 4th largest River in Europe, the Kama River. Perm is around 67% the United Kingdom’s size and covers a vast expanse of land on the Ural Mountains.

Perm got its international recognition as far back as 290 – 245 million years ago, during the formation of the Ural Mountains. The first people who settle in Perm arrived as far back as the 16th century and officially recognized as a city in 1723. Every year, citizens celebrate the anniversary of Perm on 12th June with fireworks and concert in the city.

While the city is pretty young, Perm had a vital role in Russia’s history. Ermak, a Perm native, gathered soldiers to attack Siberia and conquer it for Russia. There was construction in Perm targeted at connecting a road through Siberia to the West. The new road alongside the Trans Siberian Railroad development fueled the development of the east Urals, which gave birth to cities like Omsk, Novosibirsk, and Ekaterinburg, which were solely dominated by Miners.

There are two things that contributed to the existence and thriving of Perm:

  1. Large deposits of natural resources like oil, minerals, timber, etc. present
  2. The location

The Great Kama River, the huge Trans Siberian Railroad, and the motorways from the Kazan/Moscow en route Siberia all cross at Perm. This makes Perm a central transportation hub in Russia. It is safe to call Perm as the entrance to Asia and Siberia from Europe.

Perm had a huge military presence, which made her a fortress during the Soviet period. Perm was the production point for all battle accessories like rocket vehicles, MiG jet fighter engines, rocket vehicles, various ranges of canons, etc. The soviet did a terrific job making Perm classified as many people who were not from the Ural never knew it existed then. Also, the city did not appear on some Soviet maps and the roads pointing towards it.

Today, Perm is one of the fastest-growing Russian cities because it can be traced to its economic prosperity and is now accessible to everyone.

Geography of Perm

Perm is located on the European subcontinent, one of the most extreme eastern cities. Located in a strategic location, it is one of the major transport hubs of Russia. The city is multicultural, and there are people of many ethnic groups that have lived in Perm for centuries.

The city is perched on Ural Mountain outskirts and surrounded by dense woodlands, having the Kama River through it. Perm also has the Kungar Ice Caves, a short distance from the Southern part of the city.

Time Zone in Perm: Yekaterinburg Standard Time (YEKT) GMT +5

Approximate Distance between Perm and other places of Interest

  • Perm and Moscow 892 miles
  • Perm to Almaty, Kazakhstan 1709 miles
  • Perm to Irkutsk is 2361 miles

Getting into Perm

Perm, being in a major transport hub, is accessible via many routes:

Plane: Perm International Airport, also known as Boishoye Savino Airport is located 22km southwest of the city. The airport caters to both local and international flights (Dubai, Bishkek). There is a bus (bus #42) every nine minutes from the bus station and the airport, located in Southwest Perm.

Train: there are many trains that come to Perm daily from Moscow. Enter Perm 2 when searching the time and routes on the RZD website.

By Bus: Tourists can find the Perm Central bus station opposite the main market. There are regular buses that move daily from Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg, Izhevsk, and other cities in Perm.

By Boat: Perm is also accessible by boat through the Kama port. Transportation of passengers is, however, limited to cruises dedicated to recreation. Tourists can only get return tickets.

Top Things to Do in Perm as a Tourist

For people that want a vacation to explore culture, art, and rich history, Perm should be one of your top travel destinations. Perm provides a terrific location to experience the world’s renowned Opera center in Tchaikovsky as well as the Ballet Theater.

Perm also has a collection of the prettiest natural attraction present in the world, like Ural Mountain and the Kama River. Indeed, Perm is a terrific vacation destination for people who want a time out from everyday life demands and struggles.

  1. Kama River

Kama River is part of the Volga River tributaries, which spans over 1000 miles. The river flows through the Kuliga rural area, starting from the Udmurt Republic. This is a huge River with several dams at various locations, Perm inclusive, which provides a terrific view of the Kama Reservoir of the Kama Hydroelectric Station. Popularly known as Perm Reservoir, it was constructed in the 1950s which served energy, transportation, and water supply.

These days, tourists like walking around the river bank to marvel at the awe of the sight.

  1. Perm Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Center

Inaugurated in 1870, this is one of the primary musical centers that have stood out over the years. It stands out as one of Russia’s oldest theaters that house many important competitions, performances, and events. It also hosts various Ballet troupes.

A visit to the Ballet will make the History and Culture appealing to tourists because the center served as the lunching venue for hundreds of international artists. Tourists can simply go and explore the magnificent structure or go for a show.

  1. Salty Ears

One of the earliest occupations of the Perm locals was salt mining. This profession boomed during that period, and it provided several jobs for people. Salt porter was the most popular occupation then. Salt porter simply involves carrying a bag of salts from the barns, on the shoulder to the barges.

In time, the salt porters had their ear color changed to red and became raw due to continuous exposure of the skin to salt. People exposed to salt had a general nickname called salty ears in time, which was a common one in Perm.

Tourists and visitors all over Perm have access to several monuments that stands for this interesting nickname. The monuments involve a naked frame with enlarged ears, allowing people to stick their head for a photo, all for fun.

  1. Museum of Contemporary Arts

Over the years, Perm of Russia stands out for being a culture and art center. There are many art forms like Ballet, opera, contemporary dance, etc. The museum was commissioned in 2009 and is characterized by works of modern artists with different skills in various arts forms.

Alongside the permanent exhibition, there are visiting exhibitions, workshops, lectures, performances, and artists’ discussions. The museum building also stands out as a work of art because it is located on a renovated tram depot.

  1. The Ural Mountains

Perm City, Russia, houses many of the Northwest parts of the Ural Mountains. This mountain stretch from the Arctic Ocean to Kazakhstan acts as a boundary between Asia and Europe.

The Ural mountain Range features rich resources like coals, metal ores, and other precious stones. Tourists can hike, ride a bicycle, swim, and even fish in the non-reserved areas. This is one of the places that will make your visit to Perm worth it.

Best Restaurants in Perm for Tourists

There is a wide variety of restaurants in Perm for tourists with series of dishes for everyone to enjoy. Tourists can enjoy Asian, Russian, and European dishes. We have collated a shortlist of the best restaurants that tourists can enjoy in Perm


Karin is situated at Hilton Garden Inn, on the first floor. It is one of the most elegant restaurants in Perm with series of international and Russian cuisines. If you want to give yourself a treat, this is the best restaurant to visit as it opens all day and serves delicious meals.

Sister’s Bar

The restaurant is situated right beside Lenna Street. It is one of the top restaurants available at the center of Perm with sophisticated and exquisite dishes. They have a large terrace opened during summer, which gives a terrific view of the city.

Les Marches

Tourists will find Les Marches a stone throw from the center of the city. There is an assorted collection of a dish like French cuisines, grilled meat, fish, etc., Tourists who are vegetarians will have something to enjoy here.


This is a Peruvian restaurant with a specialty in steaks and seafood. The restaurant lies in the Kama river bank, which provides a terrific view while having lunch or dinner.

Nightlife in Perm

While Perm is not well known for its nightlife, a lot of tourists flock to the city. Here is a list of some popular bars:

Molotov Bar Shop

Molotov is the best place for a crafts beer lover and is located on the Perm City, eastern edge. Users will find an amazing collection of local and foreign craft beers that are not readily available elsewhere.

StudiA Event Bar

For the karaoke lover on a journey with a group of friends, StudiA Event is the best place to be. It is a beautiful bar full of social activities located in the heart of Perm City.

Biblioteka Bar Perm

Tourists and visitors can go to the Biblioteka bar for a full Perm experience. They have a beautiful lounge space with superb artistry. The bar is classic and offers a modern appeal with cocktails and live music to keep the spirit high.

Climate in Perm

Perm has a lovely summer with conducive sunny weather, making it easy to swim and sunbathe on the beach. Winter in Perm is also not alarmingly cold than other Russian cities as the temperatures only get around -15C.

This cold month also comes with many advantages like home made Russian broth and the popular Festival of Ice Sculpture.

Top Events in Perm

Perm is one of the top cities you can visit without getting bored as there are many daily events. The major performance revolves around drama, opera, Ballet, which happens at the Drama Theater.

There are various events at the Perm Academic Theater, allowing tourists to experience both international and Russian culture first hand. There are events every day at this location.

All year round, there are Russian National holidays characterized by celebrations all over the city:

  • New year – 31st December
  • Orthodox Christmas – 7th January
  • Motherland Defender Day – 23rd February
  • Women’s day – 8th March
  • Labor and Spring day – 1st May
  • Victory day characterized by Military parades – 9th May
  • Perm’s Birthday – 12th June
  • Day of National Accord – 4th November

The city always has something to celebrate, ranging from anniversary festivals, the annual music, folklore, etc.

The Least Crowded and Busiest Months in Perm

October is the month with the highest number of traffic in Perm concerning tourists. June and August also follow. These months are usually characterized by high hotel fare and flight tickets. A good way to avoid the high price is to purchase the ticket in advance.

Perm hardly sees tourists in February even though it is the least expensive month thanks to the harsh Perm weather.

Travel Experience Based on Seasons in Perm

Spring in Perm (March to May)

Perm weather during this time is pretty conducive in terms of temperature and humidity. The months hardly experience rainfall with a maximum of 3 days of precipitation. Perm weather during spring makes it a pretty slow month for tourism. Also, it is one of the cheapest periods to visit Perm.

Summer in Perm (June to August)

This season in Perm is characterized by cool weather and comfortable temperature. Rainfall is minimal as well, with a maximum rainfall of 3 days. As a result of the favorable Perm weather, this is the busiest month in Perm for tourism. As a result, one should expect a high cost for lodging and transportation.

Fall in Perm (September to November)

Tourists in Perm during Fall might experience chilly weather as a result of the wind and humidity. The months come with significant days of snow and rain during this period. During this period, Perm weather allows for a moderate influx of tourists, which makes it the second busiest month.

Winter in Perm (December to February)

Perm weather in winter could be uncomfortable for tourists from warm countries. There is extreme cold with rain and snow in moderate amounts. As a result, Perm weather during this period does not allow many tourists to flock into the city.

Indeed, Perm in Russia is one of the terrific places to have a vacation. With many tourist attractions and things to do in Perm, it is important to have it on the list of places to visit.

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