Start June 28, 2021 Russian consulate in the U.S.A. resumes the issuance of visa of all categories (including tourist visas).
Please be advised that the visas may be issued only for the U.S. citizens and citizens of other countries, who possess U.S. Green Cards.

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Russia is a fascinating country with a long and successful history that goes back to the distant past. It has been present on the world stage for hundreds of years and some moments have been very turbulent. Russia has contributed a lot to the entire planet, and many countries have benefited through the cooperation. It includes various aspects of life from culture to science. Great minds have lived in Russia from the beginning, and the situation is quite the same today.

It also means the country is rich in different ways, and that’s one of the reasons for the popularity among foreign travelers. Russia is one of the top tourist destinations, and you have a chance to see and explore various things there. That’s why many people want to come to that country, and millions of them succeed in those intentions.

Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Sochi are some of the most popular cities among visitors from abroad. It is, of course, a normal thing because those locations have so many interesting and unique attractions you cannot see anywhere else.



If you start from Moscow, for example, there is the Kremlin Palace, Bolshoi Theatre, Lenin’s Mausoleum, Museum of Cosmonautics, Moscow Metro, Red Square, and many other more or less important locations. Each of the places is fully unique in its own way. The buildings are often developed in a traditional Russian style specific for the capital city so the visitors are generally delighted by the scenes. It is also important to mention Moscow is one of the largest cities in the world with over 11 million residents, and that’s a quite remarkable number. Many travelers are often coming from significantly smaller places so they might be surprised by the large size of this destination. Moscow is also an economic center of the entire country so the biggest number of corporations and companies have their offices there. That’s why many visitors from abroad are coming to that city if the business is their motivation for arriving. The nightlife is also great. There are many big clubs and restaurants ideal for nightlife, and that’s why Moscow is popular among young tourists as well.


Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is another popular destination among travelers, and it is certainly important to say the city is definitely special in its own way. You can find many unforgettable and unique locations that leave visitors breathless. These include the State Hermitage Museum, Peterhof Palace, Peter and Paul Fortress, Palace Square, Eliseyev Emporium as well as many other great and interesting places. The visitors definitely enjoy every moment while exploring these locations so that’s an obvious reason for the popularity. The city is also big. It is significantly smaller than Moscow though, however, it has almost 5 million residents, and that’s definitely a remarkable figure. Saint Petersburg is also an important financial and economical center of the region so many corporations and companies are located there.



On the other hand, Sochi is quite different from the two cities above, but it is still a very important tourist location. The town is placed in the country’s south, and that’s an ideal position for summer tourism. Sochi has big and remarkable beaches on the Black Sea so the tourist has an opportunity to enjoy swimming as well as all other excellent water sports and activities. It is a classical tourist center with many luxury hotels, nightclubs, and restaurants. There are also great sports centers and parks so the visitors have a chance to enjoy in different ways while