We have seen a lot of people had their Russian visa application rejected as a result of a wrong photo specification. This is to tell you how meticulous the embassy is, about Russian visa photo specification. As a result, this article will shed light on everything prospective travelers might need to know about Russian photo size.

Size or Format of the Photo: the dimension of the Russian Visa photo should be 35mm by 45mm (width by height). It should reveal a close up of the face alongside the top shoulder. The face should take up an average of 75% of the face. Also, the distance from the crown to the chin needs to be between 27mm and 36mm

The photo needs to reveal the facial expression of the applicant from the chin to the head (crown) alongside both sides of the face. Someone with a full hair must clearly show their hairstyle and hair without reduction in the size of any. The face needs to be in the center. Also, the photo should be six months old or less.

Background: The only background accepted to use for your photo is white or light gray. No other colors are allowed in the Russia visa photo specification. The photo should reveal only the applicant without a background shadow or pattern.

Facial Expression: Your mouth must be closed without a smile, frown, laugh and the overall expression neutral. Also, your teeth should be closed. The eyes should be wide opened without contrived expressions like raised eyebrows.

Position of the Head: the head needs to be straight, right angled to the neck. Russian visa photo specification does not allow a tilted or a slightly rotated head. Also, the eyes and face of the candidate should be straight to reveal the same amount of ear and cheek in the photo.

Line of Sight and Eyes: The applicants need to look straight into the camera. Russian visa photo specification requires that the applicant should not wear spectacles or frames. The eyes need to be visible and opened without covering by extra lens or hair. Also, the camera lens of the photograph needs to be at the same level with the eye, not photographed from below or above.

Quality of Photo: the Russian photo visa specification is a high quality paper that has at least 600 dpi print resolution. The skin tone should be natural and the photo neutral in color. There should be no impurities, ink, staples or creases on the photo. Editing or manipulation of all sort are not allowed. Also, the photo must be colored.

The flash of the camera should provide an even illumination for the face. Russian visa  photo specification does not allow red eyes or facial shadows.

Head Wears: head wears are generally not allowed even though there are exceptions only for religious purposes. In case like there should be no shadow with the face visible from the forehead to the chin’s lower tip.

People with Glasses: You have a high chance of having a successful visa application without your glasses. If you, however, must wear glasses, it should not cover any part of your eyes. There should not be reflections from the gasses while sunglasses, fashion or tinted glasses cannot be used.

Important Notification: A child’s Russian visa photo size has no significant difference form that of an adult. They are almost the same except that a child’s head will occupy a lesser space compared to an adult.

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