The most crucial question anyone seeking to get a visa should ask remains: how much will the visa cost? Regardless of your visit’s purpose, your visa’s cost will affect the entire planning process. In most cases, the consulate fees are fixed, but the service fee varies from one travel agency to another.

While it is impossible to alter or negotiate the Russian visa fees, individuals planning to travel must be mindful of the total amount spent on service charges, which explains why this article’s importance. We will consider the cost of a Russian tourist and business invitation, the Russian consulate fees, and companies that offer such services.

What you are doing now, reading through this article, is a crucial part of the pre-travel process. Some individuals start the process without understanding what to expect from invitation letters to service fees, and this lack of preparation may cost them more than they budgeted for the trip. But don’t worry about paying more than you are supposed to pay for a service fee because Visa Express has got you!

The cost of a Russian tourist invitation

A significant aspect of the Russian visa cost though not as expensive as the visa application itself, is the invitation (in this case, tourist invitation). With this letter, which is also called visa support, a resident in Russia invites you over, and the period of stay for this visa is limited to 1-30 days. So if you wish to stay longer, you might want to consider a business visa as it allows stay up to 9o days; you can wrap up with business and enjoy the thrills the country offers.
Generally, the Russian visa cost for a tourist invitation letter ranges between $9-20 and can be ready in a few minutes for either a single or double entry. Please note that the invitation letter prices vary across agencies, but you can always get the best prices for both invitation and visa at Visa Express.

The cost of a Russian business invitation

If you want to stay longer, then all costing changes because now you will have to get a business visa, which starts with the business invitation. The business invitation signifies that you are visiting for business, and this time the invitation will include the details of the Russian company hosting you. The processing time for a Russian business invitation also varies from that of the tourist visa as this requires more time but don’t worry, it ranges from 1-5 business days. The Russian visa cost for an invitation letter also starts at $19 but varies with different travel agencies.

The Russian consulate fees for visa

The consulate sets the Russian visa cost, and you must know how much you are expected to pay even before getting the invitation letter, as that puts the entire process in motion. The visa fee varies depending on your citizenship, the number of entries, and the processing time.
You will find a detailed compilation of each visa’s consulate fees on the Visa Express site, the processing time, and validity. The consulate fee is currently at $198, but please check the Visa Express site just if there is a new update.

Service fees

The service fees represent various travel agencies that offer clients who want to use an agency for processing. As mentioned earlier, their prices differ, and Visa Express offers the best prices, let’s find out.
When considering service fees, you also have to think about what the company offers, and what the fees cover. Are you paying for a standard processing service, or does it come with additional benefits? Is it a one-time payment, or do you have to pay hidden charges after the initial service fees?

VisaHQ offers Russian visa costs and processing services at a standard rate of $129 for either single, double, or multiple entries. That service fee is for each of the entries, which means you may have to pay the charge more than once, depending on your entry choice.

But what you need is an all-inclusive service fee that offers multiple entries, and that is what Visa Express offers from $89. Additionally, VisaHQ provides a standard service processing time, which is at 8-10 business days, and while this may seem like good news, you should know that it explains why you pay more.

If you have time before traveling, you can have your processing time extended by 18 days with Visa Express. With the 18 days Russian visa processing timeline, you will pay $89, which means paying less for the same process based on your timing. Another consideration for service fees is flat fees: some companies offer a flat fee regardless of how long it takes to process the visa. But paying a flat fee for your Russian visa costs means a person who gets it at a longer time and someone who gets it earlier pays the same amount. Well, with CIBTVisas, you pay a flat service fee of $199.

The CIBTVisa has the most expensive service fee compare to other visa service companies, and their service duration is also not clearly stated as it is placed at “8 business days or longer,” so what happens when it’s beyond eight days? Visa Express considers the processing time through three business working day offers: you can either get your visa in 8, 12, or 18 days, all at varying prices. If you chose the latest 18 days, you would pay less, and that is what a processing timeline should achieve with a service fee. Remember to control your Russian visa costs and use better service options to save both time and money.

On Visatoruss, their service fee varies based on single, double, or multiple entries, and these attract different prices in addition to the consulate’s fee. But if you are keen on using the multiple entry option, you should pay close attention to the processing timeline and its cost. Visatoruss offers a 17 working day processing period for a multiple entry visa appropriate for all purposes at $120, at 95 Euros. Now 17 days as a waiting period may seem fair, but did you know that Visa Express offers the same visa service fee for an 18 –day processing period at $89? Yes!! You get to save $31 with a one-day extension from 17-18 days. You wouldn’t have to worry about additional Russian visa fees with Visa Express and with a realistic timeline.

Visa Express’ Russian visa service

Visa express provides three Russian visa services: the most common types of visas individuals seek to travel to Russia. Our Russian visa fees offer a fast and easy way of getting your Russian visa at the best rates you can find on the market. We offer all services discussed above, from the tourist and business invitation letter to the visa application process until you receive your visa with confirmation from the consulate. Unlike some other visa services and agencies, our Russian visa costs are consolidated with the service fees mentioned with no additional or hidden charges. What you see on the Visa Express site is what you get, and this helps you plan your trip from the pre-visa days until when you travel.

We offer arrange of visa services that cut across an 8-18 days processing time service for the tourist visa at $89 for the 18 day business days processing time. If you want to get it earlier than that, we offer a 12 day processing time at $149,and if you want your visa much earlier, you can maximize our eight business day offer at $199. All service charges will be added to the standard consulate fee of $198, and here’s the most outstanding part, all offers above have multiple entry validity timeframes.

Your business invitation is also essential for a business visa as you must get it done even before considering the Russian visa cost. Our business invitation processing time is from 1-5 business days from $179-$279; for such an expedient service, you are getting a great deal! Now to the Russian business visa itself, Visa Express offers the same timeline as the tourist visa with service fees based on the different processing times and all for multiple entries. Lastly, we also, cater to foreigners who wish to visit Russia to see family and friends who live there; this is referred to as the Russian Private Visa. The visa cost from the consulate for this visa is the same as the other two options, and we also offer an 8-18 business days processing timeline. However, please note that this visa requirement is different from a Russian tourist visa; read more about our website’s required details.

Well, there you have it, all the information on the cost of a Russian visa with a focus on different visa types, the service fees offered by travel agencies, and of course, what makes Visa Express stand out from the pack. If you seek a more precise and seamless visa process, you know what to do; it’s at Visa Express.