Zhengzhou China is the capital of Henan sheng, the third most populous province in China. The city possesses a wide array of attractions for you to discover and marvel at. Zhengzhou weather is one of the most talked-about among tourist because of its pleasant spring and autumn.

Zhengzhou is presently located in north-central China, the city is widely recognized as one of China’s eight prehistoric capitals. The Zhengzhou weather is designed to be pleasant to you and the scenery is pretty historic. Zhengzhou is an administrative centre that provides a selection of experiences, unforgettable monuments, convenient transportation, irresistible culture, and notable landmarks.

The capital is situated at the southern border of the Yellow River. It is remarkable for the technological, educational, and economic advancements it boasts of. There are uncountable reasons for Zhengzhou to be your next travel destination. This is because you get to feast on spectacular iconic views and discover the origin of kung fu. Also, you can enjoy a hovercraft in a glorious historic river, and uncover treasures.

Every year, numerous tourists travel to Zhengzhou to explore the unique tradition, local food, and beautiful buildings. There are a lot of opportunities for visitors to immerse themselves in a distinct Zhengzhou culture and natural beauty. But this can only happen if they know where to look.


This beautiful location is globally known as a large city with a rich history. This is due to its admirable landscapes, architectural feats, and profound traditions. It possesses a historically rich culture dating back to over 5000 years ago and it can be traced to the centre of Chinese civilization. It was previously a part of the Shang and Xia dynasties.

Zhengzhou was previously known as Zhongzhou. This translates to “Middle Province” because it was a point of converging to other provinces in China.

With over eight million people, the city remains engaging, attractive, and bustling. The World Heritage Committee ranked Zhengzhou China as a global heritage site. It recognizes beautiful relics like the renowned Shaolin Temple, Songyue Academy, and prehistoric buildings in Songshan mountain.

The Henan Museum in Zhengzhou China contains over 130,000 artefacts. Also, Mount Songshan with its waterfalls, views, and caves is one of the Five Sacred China Mountains. There are several other must-see places worth visiting that can only be found in Zhengzhou China. This includes Yin aRuins and The City God Temple, and other large archaeological sites that have been recognized as a global heritage venue by UNESCO.


The noble people of Zhengzhou majorly believe in Buddhism. Most of the temples in Henan are found in Zhengzhou China. The Shaolin temple where the famous Kungfu was invented is one of these. Other religions practised include Christianity, Taoism, Catholicism, and Islam. There are also several ethnic groups in the city with the Han group being the majority. Other ethnicities are Manchu, Mongo, Hui, and several others, with their diverse festivals and celebrations.

Opera is also an interesting part of the culture. who knows? you might likely witness several performances at parks and palaces. This involves merriment, singing, music, and liveliness by several people coming together.

The city is a cultural focal point for Henan. Due to this, several universities and research centres have been established there. Some of these are Zhengzhou University, Henan Agricultural University, Henan University of Technology, amongst others.

There are several fun ways to enjoy this rich cultural experience. This comprises visiting the monuments, temples, waterfalls, rivers, caves, taking kung-fu lessons, and even attending beautiful performances at night. There is also the zoo, museums, parks, and distinct restaurants offering a lifetime experience.


This beautiful town is suitable for travels at any time of the year because of the pleasing climate. The Zhengzhou weather is agreeable and generally offers a moderate temperature. You would find mostly clear clouds and during the winter, there is rarely snow. The city also offers you a gorgeous natural scenery and clear air quality.

The hot season runs from May to September while the cold season can be found between November and February. July is the hottest month of the year with a temperature average of 27°C. However, January is the coldest month at -0-2°C average temperature.

The four Zhengzhou weather seasons in the city comprises of spring, summer, autumn, and winter. However, the best times for visiting are spring and autumn. This is because the beauty of the city becomes more obvious and you get to see the exciting China Rose Flower Fair. Also, beautiful flowers like tulips, peaches, and peonies would be out during the spring. Visiting in September also allows you to attend the Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu festival. This is a lovely experience, no tourist in Zhengzhou should miss.

The recommendation for spring includes wearing comfortable shoes and bringing jackets or light sweaters. This is to enable you to take off your clothes layers depending on the climate of the Zhengzhou weather. During the summer, sunglasses, sunblock, short sleeves, and shorts are comfortable choices. However, the preferred clothes for early autumn are trousers and thin sweaters while late autumn requires thicker clothes. Winter is cold, dry, and windy so it’s best to pack a scarf, hat, gloves, lip balm, and thick sweaters.

Thus, a good place to start to explore ancient China where you would not be disappointed is Zhengzhou.


With its promising experiences and beautiful monuments, Zhengzhou China is a place you would enjoy and visit over and over again. For a first time visit, there are important things to know to ensure you have a splendid time there.

  • VISA TO CHINA: Zhengzhou is located in China thus, to travel to Zhengzhou you will need a visa to China. But before you can process your visa to China, an invitation letter will be needed. This is an essential document that will kick-start your China visa application process. After getting your invitation letter, other documents you will need to process your visa are;
  • A6-month valid passport, with two free blank pages.
  • Photocopy of all details on your passport.
  • A previous China visa.
  • A Chinese visa application form.

For tourist purposes, you will need a tourist visa and this takes 4 working days for it to be processed. A China tourist visa is also known as an L-visa. China tourist visa has a validity period of 30 days and only allows single entry. However, if you came into China through an organized tour group, a personal visa will not be needed as everyone on the tour will have their details on the group visa.

Some countries do not require a visa to gain entrance into the people republic of China, such countries are said to have a visa-free entry. Examples of countries are those under the 21 APEC economies such as Japan, Russia, South –Korea, and Indonesia. Thus, kindly check if your country is among those listed for a Visa-free entry.

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  • PACK RIGHT:Depending on what time you choose to travel, it is important to pack right. For visits during the summer, the recommendation is short sleeves while a down jacket is important for winter. During the pleasant spring where the Zhengzhou weather is neither too hot nor too cold, a coat is not a bad idea. Other important items include a working SIM card, pouch or bag, plug adapter, and suitable covered clothing for visiting the Mosques.
  • LOCAL DISHES:The local cuisine at Zhengzhou is mainly food containing wheat and flour, in diverse creative forms. Of course, noodle is a delicacy with preparation in different forms. These comprise soup noodles, beef noodles, mutton noodles, fried noodles, stewed noodles, and many others. You should look forward to exploring their various interesting options. A recommended delicacy is the popular specialities including hui mian and hulutang. Hulatang contains beef broth, black pepper, and capsicum. Many restaurants serve this on a bowl. However, there is also non-Chinese food including Asian delicacies and western foods. This is important for tourists who prefer to eat familiar meals.
  • ACCOMMODATION: There are available hotels and inns to live in Zhengzhou. This means you do not have to worry about where to live during your stay. The locals are accommodating and there are also cheap alternatives for the endless tourists that come to the city. It is however important to be aware that some hotels don’t book foreigners. Therefore, you should confirm this while booking. The hotels with three to five stars are highly recommended for convenience and best comfort. Also, most hotels offer you internet access within the rooms.
  • TRANSPORTATION: Transportation is not a problem in Zhengzhou, as it is a locomotion hub. You can visit by flight, bus or train easily, there are efficient transportation means within the city to suit your choice. A popular airport is the Xinzheng International Airport that connects Zhengzhou with other cities in China and is one of China’s five biggest airports. This beautiful city also has an effective railway service comprising three railway stations. You can easily obtain permission to rent a car and a local driver. There are also taxis available and public transportation via the subway system or bus service.
  • ENTERTAINMENT:There is a wide offer of fashionable attractions and shopping prospects. The Antique Market is located in the city centre. It contains some of the best Chinese antiques and handcrafts for enthusiastic collectors. There is also the night market at Erqi Square with intense entertainment and liveliness, as well as Yu Opera with entertaining shows. You should also not miss the chance to practice kungfu at Shaolin Temple and must see the Century amusement park.
  • LANGUAGE:In Zhengzhou China, a number of the locals speak the Henan dialect although the official language is Mandarin. The cinemas offer movies in the English language, and several theatres offer local art exhibitions.
  • CUSTOM:There are several recognized festivals and ceremonies, notable of which is the Zhenzhou International Shaolin Martial Art Festival. This occurs from the 10th to the 15th of September. It involves exhibitions of Kungfu competitions, martial arts, and portraying the culture through art. The Rose Flower Fair is a beautiful event. This is celebrated in May to mark the flower boom season. Also, the Yanhuang Cultural Festival commemorates the Yellow Emperor where several children come together to sing and honour the ancestral emperor.
  • KEY PLACES WORTH SEEING:Some of the unusual and monumental places to visit includes Mount Song, Shaolin Temple, Henan Museum, Zhongyuan Tower, Erqi Strike Monument Tower, Shang Dynasty Ruins, Confucian Temple, Orient Shopping Center, Century Amusement Park, Erqi Night Market, Art Museum, Yellow River Scenic Area, Guoliang Village, Yu Opera, Ferris Wheel, Antique Market, and many more.


  1. A CHINA BUSINESS VISA: If you would like to travel to Zhengzhou China for business purposes you will need a China business visa. China business visa is of two types; an M and F visa. M –visa is issued for business or commercial purposes while an F visa is issued for non –commercial purposes such as for scientific, technological exhibition or sporting activities such as the Olympics. A China business visa allows single, double and multiple entries. Its validity period is 60 days however, citizens of the united states can be issued a multiple entry visa valid for up to 10 years. Before processing a China business visa, you would require a business invitation letter. A business invitation letter can be sent from the company that needs the services of a foreigner in Zhengzhou China. After getting a business invitation letter, you can commence the processing of your visa. The document needed to process your business visa along with your invitation letter are;
  • A passport with a 6-months validity period
  • Photocopy of all details on your passport.
  • Any previous China visa.
  • A Chinese visa application form.
  1. GET A COMMUNICATION APP: The permitted app for use in communication and texting in China including Zhengzhou China is WeChat. This is because other several popular social networking platforms aren’t allowed in China. This includes Twitter, Facebook, Google, and YouTube. It is, therefore, better to download the Wechat application before travelling so you can carry out any business or personal conversations you want to. You can also offer to scan the QR code on WeChat rather than sharing your email address for easier relationship communication. An alternative is to employ a Virtual Personal Network called VPN.
  1. SOCIAL ETIQUETTE: While you are at Zhengzhou, a traditional handshake is recommended or a “hello” to greet in Zhengzhou China. There is no need to kiss, touch or hug or bow at a stranger for communicating with them. Generally, it is rude to finger-point, and tipping is frowned upon.
  2. MONEY: The currency in Zhengzhou China is the Yuan. Usually, other currencies including the dollars would not be accepted by Chinese businesses. The marketers prefer payment in cash. You should convert your national currency to Yuan either before travelling or upon arrival. The banks can be used for currency exchange and ATMs are available for withdrawal, although it is advisable to inform your bank before travelling.
  3. RESTRICTIONS ON BUYING: Buying things as a tourist is allowed. However, there are rules preventing a person from exporting a Chinese antique of over 200 years old from China. You must confirm and research properly as a tourist when purchasing antiques.
  4. BARGAINING: You are allowed and expected to bargain in the markets, especially the street markets. This means that you do not necessarily have to accept the first price offered. You can start from a lower price until you find an agreeable offer before purchasing an item.


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