Are you applying for a China visa? Your China visa photo is an essential document needed before your china Visa can be issued. As trivial as it might seem, if your China visa picture or China visa photo does not meet the requirements for a Chinese visa application, your China visa could be denied. Although citizens of some countries do not require a visa to enter into the people’s Republic of China, you should check if your country is exempted and if you are not, you would require a china visa thus, your Visa photo must meet the embassy requirements.

To prevent your visa application from being rejected, certain requirements must be noted when taking your China Visa photo. They are;

  1. The validity of the China visa photo: You should ensure that the picture submitted is a recent passport photograph not more than six months from the time of your application for a China visa.
  2. Size: Unlike the U.S visa photo that has an acceptable size of 2*2 inches, the required China visa photo size is 33mm* 48mm (width and height), the difference between the head width should be between 15-22mm while the difference between the head height should be between 28mm -33mm. The top of the photo to the hair should be about 5mm. However, the required size varies depending on your destination in China. For example, if your destination is Hong-kong the visa photo requirement is 50mm×40mm or 55mm×45mm. While for places like Macau the visa photo requirement is 1.5-inch. Therefore, you should endeavour to get the needed information on the China visa picture requirement of your destination in China.
  1. Color: The color of the China visa photo should show the applicants true skin tone, black and white photo is not accepted,
  2. your China visa picture should not have any filter, it shouldn’t be blurry and you should make sure it is of good quality and high resolution of about 600dpi.
  3. Background: A white background is majorly accepted, other backgrounds that can be used are solid, off-white and light blue background. You should ensure that the background use in your visa photo is seamless, with no stains, and it is clear. You should also ensure that they are no frames on the edges. A matte or glossy background is acceptable.
  4. Facial expression: A neutral expression is a required expression for your China visa photo. You should endeavour that you do not smile, laugh and cry. Your mouth should also be closed, your eyes should be wide opened, visible and you shouldn’t frown in your China visa picture. Facial wears and features: Facial wears such as glasses are accepted only on the condition that they must not be tinted, sunglasses aren’t allowed, and if you do wear recommended glasses it shouldn’t be thick-rimmed and there should be no glare on it. You should not be on any form of jewellery like nose rings, headphones and other related accessories are also not accepted. Except you belong to a religious body that emphasizes on the use of headgears like the Muslims, headgears are only accepted on the condition that they do not block any facial features. Thus, you headgears shouldn’t cover your face, eyes, nose, mouths and ears. Headgears such as hats, caps, bonnets and scarf are not accepted.
  1. Attire: While it is advisable you should put on formal attire when taking a your visa picture since it’s part of an official document. You can also decide to put on a shirt. However, whichever attire you decide to put on ensure that the collars are not looped, both collars are aligned and your attire is ironed. You should also make sure there is a contrast between what you put on and the background, for this reason, it is advisable you wear dark –colored attire.
  2. Quantity: Two China visa photo or China visa picture are required.
  3. Quality of the China visa photo: You should endeavour to use a high resolution, the China visa photo shouldn’t be blurry, there should be no form of shadow, stain, the lightning shouldn’t be under or over-exposed, there should be no red-eye and your China visa picture should be as seamless as possible.

For whatever purpose you will be travelling to China for, maybe for business or a vacation with family, which might include your children; babies, adolescents, infants or newborn. The requirement for a China visa photo still holds. However, for infants it is important to take note of the followings;

  1. The visa photo shouldn’t include any of the parents or guardians, only the face of the child is required.
  2. When trying to align the child to take a proper China visa picture, the parent’s hands and other parts of the parent’s body should be absent.
  3. Try and make sure that the infant or child’s eyes are visible and the facial features as outlined above meets the requirement to avoid rejection of the China visa photo.
  4. A child’s head would normally be smaller than an adult’s own so do not worry yourself with the size.


The above diagram shows what your china visa photo shouldn’t look like

Now that you know the requirements needed for your China visa picture to be accepted if you are on a budget or in the processing your visa application, knowing the price or cost is vital.


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