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Supplemental ID Requirements

If you do not have a current, valid driver license with a photo, issued more than 6 months ago then you must prove your identity by following the steps below. Even if your license was renewed in the same state within the last 6 months you should still follow the instructions below. The government may delay the processing of your application if you do not follow the steps below. If the government feels you have not provided satisfactory ID your passport could be delayed. All ID issues for passport applicants are treated on a case by case basis by the government. Even if you follow our guidelines here the passport agency may still request additional ID information and may not issue you a passport!

You are requested to send a minimum of five (5) documents which would tend to better establish your identity. The documents submitted should be at least 5 years old or older. The following is a suggested list of documents which have proved helpful in the past with other passport applicants. In particular, school records have been very useful. You may send copies of any personal documents that you have, which may not be listed, and they will be considered. Any type of document which is expired, such as ID card or license, will also be considered.

  • Professional employee identification card
  • Government employee identification card (Federal, State, Municipal)
  • Student identification card (high school or college)
  • Driver’s license or state ID card
  • High school yearbook cover and photo pages (copies)
  • Selective service registration/classification card
  • Report of separation from active duty (DD Form 214)
  • Official military identification card (copy front and back)
  • Union membership card
  • Professional license (pilot, nurse, cosmetician, realtor, etc.)
  • Baptismal, confirmation and communion certificate
  • Medicare/Medicaid, welfare, or food stamp card
  • Marriage certificate/license and/or food stamp card
  • Grammar school transcript
  • Middle/High school transcript
  • College transcript
  • Technical/trade school transcript
  • Credit cards (must contain issuance or member since date)
  • Bank statements
  • Insurance papers
  • Real property tax assessments
  • Expired passport (U.S. or foreign)
  • Expired voter’s registration card
  • Vehicle registration and/or title
  • Tax return(s)/W-2 forms prior to 2016
  • Bank/credit card statement
  • Job pay statement
  • Utility bills
  • Apartment lease/home mortgage papers
  • Other