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Many people find their passports are expired before their trip, or they need a passport for last minute business trip. Currently, applying for a new passport or renewing a passport will take about six to eight weeks for routine processing through the post office or national passport processing center. Not all travelers have the luxury of time to wait for 6 weeks to get their passport. Fortunately, you can have your passport application expedited through different channels. We’re going to talk about all your options, and walk you through how to get an expedited passport,

Where to get an expedited passport?

1. Apply directly at the passport agency.

Pro: Passport can be obtained within 72 hours, or even 24 hours if needed.
Expedited fee is only $60 on top of the routine processing fees, no other additional fees.

Con: Limited number of locations. Not every city or town have a passport agency. There are only 26 regional passport agencies serving the entire country. So, you may have to travel to get to the nearest one. If you go to a regional passport office, factor in the amount you’ll pay for travel, lodging and meals. To find the nearest passport agency visit: fast/passport-agencies.html
Need to make an appointment in advance, A limited number of appointments are available at passport agencies only for people who are traveling internationally in the next 14 days. Also, need to provide proof of international travel (such as flight itinerary, hotel reservation, cruise tickets).
Longer wait time. During peak season, the expected wait time for submit your application at the passport agency can take as long as two hours. You may also experience longer wait time when you go back the passport agency later to pick up your passport.

2. Apply through the post office.

Pro: Many locations.
Expedited fee is only $60 on top of the routine processing fees, no other additional fees.

Con: Processing time cannot be controlled, because the post office doesn’t process the passport applications neither issue passports, all passport applications must be mailed to the national passport center. Therefore, the post office cannot guarantee the processing time. The processing time for expedite passport through the post office is around 4 weeks.
If there are any issues with your documents, your passport will be delayed.

3. Apply through the passport expedited service companies also known as “passport expeditors”.

Pro: Different expedited service options are available. Processing time can be as little as 24 hours.
For passport renewal, you don’t need to go to the passport agency or post office to apply, just FedEx or Express mail your documents directly to the passport expedited service company, and they will take care of the rest.
If there are any issues with your documents, you will be notified by the company immediately.

Con: In addition to the government fee of the passport, passport expedited companies charge additional fees for their services.
Passport expedited service companies have different processing speeds to choose from, but the prices (service fee) vary from company to company.

Could I get a same-day passport?

Yes, you can. Passport agency can issue same-day passports for those who have urgent needs for a passport. In order to apply for or renew your passport on a same-day basis at the Passport Agency. You must first make an appointment through the National Passport Information Center. What’s the catch? In order to get your same-day passport, you have to apply at one of the 26 regional passport agencies in person, and your appointment time has to be in the morning.

What is the cost of expedited passport?

New passport (16 and older)
Passport Book $170
Passport Card $90
Passport Book & Card $200

Adult passport renewal
Passport Book $170
Passport Card $90
Passport Book & Card $200

Child Passport (under 16)
Passport Book $140
Passport Card $75
Passport Book & Card $155

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