Film & Cartridges

Color print film-processing facilities are readily available in most cities. Film is rela­tively cheap and the quality is usually good. You’ll only find color slide film in the major cities and tourist traps. On average, to develop 4×6 color prints costs around Rs 6 per print plus Rs 15 for processing. Pass­port photos are terrific value at about Rs50/100 for 6/12 shots (ready in around 10 minutes).

Always check the use-by date on local film and slide stock. Make sure you get a sealed packet and ensure you’re not handed a roll that’s been sitting in a glass cabinet in the sunshine for the last few months: heat and humidity can play havoc with film, even if it isn’t past the use-by date. Be wary of street hawkers who have been known to load old/damaged film into new-looking canisters. The hapless tourist only discovers this when the film is developed. It’s best to only buy film from reputable stores – and preferably film that’s been refrigerated.

For digital cameras, memory cards can be tough to find outside the major cities. The same applies to video cartridges.


India is touchy about photographs being taken of places of military importance -this can include train stations, bridges, airports, military installations and sensitive border regions. Temples may prohibit photography in the mandapam (forechamber of a temple) and inner sanctum. If in doubt, ask. See So­cial Graces, later in this chapter, for eti­quette about photographing people.